Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just follow through dudes...

So how was that blind-friend date thing? It was as I expected, I was not physically attracted to him , but really enjoyed a good time. I always find it interesting to meet someone who is focused on what they want and able to articulate it with passion and vigor.  We talked about a lot, from work to personal space and growing up, it was a good time...and as I was walking home, I started thinking about what I would have done had I not made plans that evening. Basically I started taking an honest look at how comfortable/lazy I have gotten in my comfort zone. When did I become a home body? Is it the winter weather? Probably partly so. But I also think that it's been hard to motivate, I value rest and unwinding and I suppose since I am in the midst of a huge life change, I am slightly justifying my home-body-ness. That said, I did go out and do it, and I could have very well canceled. Am I trying to find myself some pats on the back? Maybe. Heh.

Back to match.com - so the first date I was supposed to have was to be Saturday. And seeing how we were buried under piles of the white stuff, I knew the date was not going to happen. But did this potential match email to cancel? Was he responsible? Nope. I was, however, and emailed 2x, once prior to the storm, and once during. Nada. Zip. Zero. And when I logged on Sunday morning to delete a bunch of messages, he had not only 'viewed me' but also been logged on in the past 24 hours. Delete.

Fast forward to Monday night,
I get an apologetic email from this dude, stating in great detail how he was unable to log on to the internet at all. Hello, smart phones? Who does not have one these days? Berry? Not buying it. Perhaps I would have, had I not known that he was on-line over the weekend. He also said he'd call me to talk and see if we can still meet up this week. Meaning either Tuesday or Wednesday. Technically I am free Wednesday night, but I'm not sure that it makes sense to rush meeting him when there are already some weirdo signs going on.  My gut says push it off till the new year and see if I still want to meet up. If he actually calls I might be persuaded to meet him Wednesday, but if he does not...after saying he would...why bother?
Be responsible for your actions, or lack thereof. It's certainly not too much to ask for, and actually is a baseline requirement for any solid relationship.


  1. That story of an obviously cancelled date mirrored my experience this weekend... except that we placed a huge caveat when making the plans, and I didn't bother to check if she had been online to get my message.

    Members of the Flaky McFlakerson family are not worth the time whether male or female. Members of the "Rude-is-my-MO" Posse are equally unwelcome.

  2. I'm with you. Delete. NEXT!!!

  3. @restaurant refugee - I couldn't agree more, not worth the time weather male or female.

    @LiLu - no doubt, and new post about moving on coming up!